Yoga Benefits

"I watched all of the DVD and it is wonderful. I love it! My husband and are going to set aside one day a week to practise together."

- Marilyn Hood, owner of a yoga studio on Salt Spring Island, Canada

Yoga, practised regularly, brings strength and flexibility, balance and calmness to our lives.


This DVD explores a new experience in yoga, demonstrating how traditional poses can be combined in a flowing sequence to capture the power of an energetic workout with the serenity of a gentle dance.


Dynamic partner yoga is uplifting and challenging offering two people a chance to benefit from the support and energy of each other. Intelligently structured using the principals of Power Yoga, the partner routine provides a unique and fun way to improve spinal health and overall fitness.

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With poise and elegance, Kate and Fiona have created simple step by step instructions including benefits and modifications for the less flexible. Teachers can use the practice to create new and interesting routines for their students.

Beginning with sun salutations to awaken the senses and warm the body, the routine moves into standing poses designed to build strength and openness. A fun floor sequence to develop flexibility and alignment is followed by deep relaxation to release tension and calm the mind.

This DVD includes

  • Introduction & Instructions
  • Breathing and Bandhas
  • Long form (1 hour sequence)
  • Short form (25 minute sequence)