About Us

Kate and Fiona met in 2001 and quickly developed a friendship and professional relationship. They enjoy practising together and have found partner yoga encourages both creative energy, expression and a deepening of the human spirit.


Fiona first started practising yoga at university in California in 1980. She completed teacher training in yoga and meditation at ‘Ananda’ in northern California in 1991 and began teaching at gyms and clubs in the San Diego area. Inspired and influenced by the many diverse schools of yoga, she has developed her own style, incorporating elements of these teachings as well as her own experience both as a practitioner and teacher.

Fiona is an experienced massage therapist trained in Swedish, sports, deep tissue and thai-yoga massage. She uses a combination of yoga and massage to help people become strong and flexible and stay free from pain.


Kate started practising yoga in 1982 after being diagnosed with scoliosis. She began her training with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1994 under the guidance of Doriel Hall (author of 'Healing with Meditation' & 'Yoga for Pregnancy', UK).

She has continued to train extensively in techniques and styles of practice, undertaking teacher training in Ashtanga vinyasa in 2000 with Beryl Bender Birch (author of ‘Power Yoga’ and ‘Beyond Power Yoga’, New York).

Kate runs regular classes and workshops in the Surrey / Berkshire area for a wide range of people from school pupils, university students and teachers through to fitness instructors, athletes and business people. Specialising in classes for people recovering from mental health issues, Kate has run courses in hospitals and rehabilitation units. A member of the Prison Phoenix Trust, she has introduced yoga programmes to both men and women in prison, recognizing first hand the effective role yoga can play in rehabilitating and coping with traumas and life changes.

Kate’s aim is to offer a practical and accurate method, so as to inspire people to establish yoga in their lives for continued health and well-being. She lives in Surrey with her three children and husband Paul, where she runs private sessions for over 50s, pregnancy, post-natal and injury recovery.

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